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From technical expertise in the areas of taxation and accounting, we support enterprises of any branch of trade, industry or the provision of services in its accounting organization, attending the Official Chart of Accounts (POC) and accounting guidelines, helping them also in fulfilling their tax obligations.

We support the Chartered Accountants (CA) in the fiscal framework in the preparation of accounts in view of the important role played by them to the tax authorities as interlocutors between the privileged and taxpayers.

As you know, it is CA to ensure the regularity of technical accounts from the point of view of accounting and tax, which increasingly has shown more. complex, given the constant transfer of powers of the Tax Administration for businesses in the areas of settlement and collecting taxes.

Finally, the tax statements whose technical regularity in its filing also is the responsibility of CA call for high levels of knowledge and tax accounting.

This is technical support we have provided to companies and their staff that is important part of our activity.

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